Tile Care & Maintenance

Learn more about the basics of tile maintenance today!

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Daily Tile Care

Tile floors are beloved because of their durability and lack of required maintenance. Learn more about best practices for maintaining your tile floors today.

Broom sweeping will keep your tile floors looking pristine day in and day out. When you sweep, you work to remove dirt, dust, and other debris that can scratch your tile floors if left unattended. Sweeping will help to stave off premature aging while also keeping your floors beautiful on a daily basis. How often you sweep will depend on the traffic that the tile receives, but you should plan on doing so every few days at a minimum.

For a deeper clean, you can damp-mop your tile floors. Aim for a damp mop as opposed to a soaking wet one. Even for floors that handle water and moisture well, like tile, too much water is never a good thing.

Solid Messes

For solid messes on your tile floors, use your broom to sweep them up immediately after they occur. Dirt and other debris can harm your tile and lead to premature aging, so when an accident happens, address it right away. For solid or liquid spills, the key is always to act fast. 

Liquid Spills

Tile floors are not overly vulnerable to damage from liquid spills so long as you address them quickly. When and if a liquid accident occurs, wipe it up with a cloth or towel. If the mess persists, you can consult your manufacturer for approved cleaning techniques.