Carpet Care & Maintenance

Learn more about the basics of carpet maintenance today!

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Daily Carpet Care

Don't believe what you've heard. Carpet care and maintenance is relatively simple! Follow our care and maintenance tips to keep your carpet flooring looking great for years to come.

Vacuum your carpet regularly to ensure a long and healthy life. When you vacuum, you remove dirt and other debris from the fibers of your carpet. This debris can, if left untreated, lead to premature aging. How often you vacuum will depend on the traffic the room(s), receive, but you should plan on doing so once a week at a minimum.

You should also place entry mats at the doors of your home and ensure that shoes are always removed before walking across your carpet. These small precautions can help to keep your floors looking great.

Solid Messes

For solid messes and spills, use your vacuum to take care of the mess. So long as you address solid messes in a timely manner, no lingering damage should occur. When you're in doubt about how to handle a solid mess, consult your manufacturer on top tips. 

Liquid Spills

The key to handling any liquid mess is to react quickly. While specific spill and stain treatment will depend on the substance spilled, it is always a good idea to soak up the spill with a clean towel immediately. From there, you can consult your manufacturer for specific cleaning techniques. With carpet, a spill doesn't need to always result in a stain. The key is to act fast.